Le bestiaire métallique d’Edouard Martinet

Fish – photo : iansanderson

Pigeon – photo : iansanderson

Libellule – photo : iansanderson

Le talentueux sculpteur français Edouard Martinet crée d’étranges créatures de métal à partir d’objets chinés : casseroles, phares de voitures, pièces de machine à écrire, freins de vélo, moules à gâteau, et plein d’autres objets. Chaque pièce de son bestiaire métallique est unique et fabriquée sans aucune soudure.

Edouard Martinet transforms everyday objects found in flea-markets and car boot sales into works of art. Working with a variety of refuse materials such as rusted kitchen pans, typewriter keys, car lights and other scrap metals, Edouard Martinet sculpts several types of animals and insects. His sculptures are made without the use of solder. He fits each component into place as if putting together a puzzle of random pieces and parts. Each masterpiece is carefully assembled after having drafted several detailed sketches. This process requires a sufficient amount of time to get from the idea to the completion. (Source)

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