Labyrinth of plastic waste

Labyrinth of plastic waste 002

Last May 2014, Luzinterruptus travelled to Poland, where they had been invited by the Katowice Street Art Festival to present a new magical piece, labyrinth of plastic waste.

The installation’s aim was to demonstrate, in a poetic manner, the amount of plastic waste that is consumed daily, in addition to focusing attention on the big business of bottling water, which leads to very serious problems in developing countries.

To create this installation, they used more than 6000 water bottles provided by a packaging company which selflessly gave their discarded bottles, by a primary school and by the residents who helped by filling in the piece with the bottles consumed during the 4 days that it took to assemble it.

Labyrinth of plastic waste 007

Labyrinth of plastic waste 004

Labyrinth of plastic waste 001

Labyrinth of plastic waste 006

Labyrinth of plastic waste 005

Photos by Gustavo Sanabria.

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